Tuesday, 31 July 2012

FREE CCNA Simulations - www.9tut.com

The website www.9tut.com was recommended to us in College - especially for its treatment of  the Router Simulations, Simlets and Testlets that are likely to come up in the CCNA exam. It has a few other very useful features as well. However what it calls the CCNA Lab Sim section is what is likely to interest most students

This section comprises
CCNA Access List SIM
CCNA Access List SIM 2
CCNA NAT SIM Question 1
CCNA NAT SIM Question 2
CCNA EIGRP Lab Question
CCNA Configuration Question
 (including interface addressing, passwords and routing protocol)
CCNA Implimentation SIM
(dragging device icons - Switch or Router-, cables and IP addresses  to the appropriate position on the given graphic)
CCNA Drag and Drop SIM
(Complete the network topology shown in the graphic by dragging the labels with the appropriate router types, interface types, and IP addresses to the graphic)

Note that the simulations are not live - you can only read them - but they are still very useful. Of course you can practise them on CISCO Packet Tracer if you have it - or do the Packet Tracer exercises by Dr Jalal Raissi that I mentioned in my previous post:http://www.itucator.com/ttt/PTSimlets.htm

Apart from the Simulations, 9tut.com has hundreds of questions divided up into dozens of categories.
This comes from my use of the how2pass.com exam preparation package (which has "live" simulations similar to those in the CCNA exam) but it should also apply to 9tut.com. I noticed that how2passs.com had a limited number of exam questions under the categories "WLAN - Wireless" and "Security" - a total of about 20 each so I reviewed these shortly before taking the CCNA. About 4 came up so it was a productive last minute review session! 

9tut.com has a category for "Wireless" questions - only 12 of themhttp://www.9tut.com/ccna-wireless
AND a category for "Security Questions" - only 11

Unlike how2pass.com 9tut.com has a separate category for "IPv6 Questions" - only 8 of them
You are bound to get a few IPv6 questions in the exam and there seems to be a limited database of possible questions at present, although it is bound to get larger as IPv6 addressing becomes more prominent in the real world.

Questions in these 3 categories - Wireless, Security and IPv6 addressing - can earn you valuable marks and also can be completed at great speed - IF you are familiar with a few basic terms and concepts. If you aren't, it's very difficult to bluff!

Exam Tip (2)
Also pay attention to the Drag and Drop questions. There are five sections on the 9tut.com website that deal with such questions - about 27 questions and answers in all. You are sure to get a couple of these in the exam. Just as important, by studying the answers you will be reviewing important parts of the course and doing it from a different angle to studying texts or even doing Packet Tracer simulations. FOR EXAMPLE I thought I knew the basic configuration commands for Switch and Router off by heart. However when I first came across question 2 in the CCNA-Drag and Drop 1 section
i was a little put out by the wording.


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